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Please note: SWITCH is currently in a transition phase for implementation of a new registration system for domain names. This also includes modifications to the Domain Name Policy (Revision 04, the 'Policy'). With effect from 29 November 1999, the following amendments to the Policy will therefore apply until a Revision of the Policy comes into effect:

  1. An administrative contact person is no longer required. The responsibilities with regard to a registered domain which under the terms of the Policy are attributed to the administrative contact person will henceforth be borne by the holder of the domain name.
  2. There will no longer be an on-hold period of 60 days if full payment of the fees has not been received within 90 days of the due date of the first invoice for the fees in question.

Domain Name Policy for CH (Switzerland) and LI (Principality of Liechtenstein);

The following domain name policy (Revision 04) will be effective January 6, 1997. Document name: Policy_04.

Definition of terms:

Name space: refers to any conceptual area in which names must be unique.

Domain: an Internet domain.

Entity: refers to a person, organization, company, corporation, or other group which attempts to organize under a common name and publish that name as Internet domain name. With regard to the registry CH/LI DOM-REG an entity is represented by the administrative contact as stated in the domain name application form.

Registrant: an entity which has registered a domain or is in the progress of registering.

Registry: a registry is an organization occupied with registration of domain names. Hereinafter designated as CH/LI DOM-REG.

Registrar: a registrar is the person which is authorized to enter and modify a registry's data, based on data supplied by the registrant and on the requirements of the latter.

Repository: it contains the primary (master) data for the registry and is subsequently also designated as WHOIS data base – a more familiar term –, although WHOIS data bases may contain replicas of repositories.

Description of CH/LI DOM-REG: an organization specifically founded for the purpose of administering Internet second level domain names below CH and LI national top level domains and run by SWITCH personnel. Top level domains CH and LI have been delegated to SWITCH by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IANA.

Types of registered domains: second level domain names may be registered for active usage (domain delegation) or for inactive usage (reserved domain names).

Name servers: for registered active domain names there must be an operational primary and an operational secondary Domain Name System (DNS) name server. Both need permanent IP connectivity to the Internet (for queries and zone transfers) in order that they can be easily checked for operational status and database accuracy at any time by CH/LI DOM-REG.

Eligibility for registration, responsibility: any entity may register domain names, independent of the location of the entity. It is, however, recommended to register or reserve second level domain names below CH and LI top level domains only for entities located in said countries. With regard to the registry CH/LI DOM-REG, the administrative contact in the application form is responsible for a domain and is therefore required to be a member or an authorized agent of the entity stated in the organizational contact (not applicable to natural persons).

Holder of domain name: the holder of a domain name is the entity stated as the organizational contact or, in case of natural persons, the person stated as administrative contact.

Equal rules: the registry CH/LI DOM-REG applies identical rules and policies to all applications made by entities.

Language: the language for communication with the registrars of CH/LI DOM-REG is English.

Fees and invoices: Prices according to document price.php. Invoices are sent to the billing contact as listed in the application form.

Processing order of requests: applications for new domain names are processed in chronological order of receipt by CH/LI DOM-REG (first-come, first-served). More specific: e-mails are being processed in chronological order of arrival as they appear in the in-box of CH/LI DOM-REG. Fax messages and letters are also being processed in chronological sequence of arrival. These application forms are rewritten manually within ten working days to the form required for electronic processing and are then queued up with the other forms received by e-mail. The registry CH/LI DOM-REG will not be liable for any errors which may occur when fax messages and letters are being processed. The entity seeking registration is fully responsible for their entries and is therefore required to supervise any records in the repository belonging to said entity. Applications for modifications (and deletions) of domain names are processed in a manner similar to that described above but exceptions to chronological order may be possible under certain circumstances and upon special request by registrants.

Acceptable character sets for e-mail messages: ASCII and ISO-8859-1 (ISO Latin 1) character sets are accepted and language-specific characters of the latter preserved for data in the repository. CH/LI DOM-REG may not be made liable for any processing errors when other character sets as the two stated above are being used by registrants.

Start of registration: normally within 10 working days of receipt of first valid application form for a new second level domain name by CH/LI DOM-REG.

Termination of registration: active or inactive registration of secondlevel domain names may be erased from the repository due to three reasons:

when the registrant requests deletion of his entry. The request needs to be sent to CH/LI DOM-REG in written form. Allow normally not more than 30 days to process the request.

when no or insufficient payment for registration/reservation is received. The entry in the repository corresponding to the unpaid fee will be erased without further notice after elapse of an 'on hold' period of 60 days, beginning 90 days after the first invoice for the unpaid fee has been due for payment (see par. 12).

upon order by a court or governmental or administrative body.

Domain names which have been deleted will immediately become available for reuse by any party.

'On hold' period, inactivation: during the 'on hold' period active domain names will be set to inactive.

Responsibilities for domain: entities registering domain names are fully responsible for their right to said name. Submission of a domain registration constitutes warranty to CH/LI DOM-REG that entity has rights to use the submitted name, i.e. entities statements in the application form are required to be true and entity is required to have the right to use the Domain Name as requested in the application. Entity shall indemnify CH/LI DOM-REG from any litigation costs or damages resulting from entity's use of said name. CH/LI DOM-REG is hereby expressly exempted from any and all responsibility for the verification of rights to a name. Acceptance of an application and registration of a domain name constitutes no endorsement by CH/LI DOM-REG that registrant has a right to use the domain name in question under the laws of any state which might be applicable, e.g. with regard to names of natural or legal persons, trade names or trademarks.

Transfer of domain names: two possibilities exist for the transfer of domain names from one holder to another:

The holder of a name deletes the data base entries of a certain name in the repository and a new registrant applies for the same name.

The holder of a name submits a written and signed document to the registry authorizing another entity to apply for a modification of the entries in the repository of a specific domain name.

Solving conflicts: when a domain name has been registered by another entity or is in progress of registering, it is the responsibility of the entity seeking the registration to research the existing repository and pursue any litigation which may be necessary against the existing registrant, should said entity believe that existing registrant has no right to said domain. Entities and registrants acknowledge and agree that CH/LI DOM-REG cannot act as arbiter of disputes arising out of the registration of and use of domain names. Registration of a pending application for a domain name will be suspended by CH/LI DOM-REG in case of a conflict with another pending application or an already registered active or inactive domain name until the conflicting registrants present a written and duly signed settlement of the conflict or a court decision resolving the dispute in favor of one of the conflicting parties.

Liability of CH/LI DOM-REG: as far as permitted by law, the registry CH/LI DOM-REG will not be liable for any loss of use, interruption of business, or any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including lost profits) regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, even if the registry CH/LI DOM-REG has been advised of the possibility of such damages. As far as permitted by law, the maximum liability of CH/LI DOM-REG for direct losses under this policy shall not exceed five hundred Swiss Francs (CHF 500.00).

Rules for domain names: domain names need to contain more than 2 and up to 24 alpha-numeric characters per name (a . . . z, 0 . . . 9). Non-acceptable names: see par. 21 below. Special character allowed: hyphen (-), but not as first and last character. Use lower case characters only because domain names are case insensitive.

Recommendations for domain names: domain names should preferably contain

a length of more than five characters,

a letter as first character,

strong similarity to the full name of the entity seeking registration or to the abbreviation of the entity's name.

Return of pre-paid fees: when an entity loses its right to use a domain name, e. g because said entity has had no legitimate right to register a domain name, no refund of any pre-paid fees will be made.

Notifications: notifications are sent by CH/LI DOM-REG when applications have been accepted, rejected or modified or sent as warning messages to all contacts as listed in the application form. Notifications may be sent by e-mail or fax. The number of retries of fax messages is six with a retry interval of five minutes. In case the number dialed did not answer at all or is not answered by a fax machine there will be one more try thirty minutes later. Fax messages which could not be delivered are deleted after 24 hours.

Rejects: reasons for rejecting domain name applications are:

incomplete entries in the application form

domain names containing less than 3 characters

domain names containing more than 24 characters

domain names containing special characters except the hyphen (-)

domain names containing hyphen as first or last character

domain names which are identical with an already registered domain name

domain names which are identical with a previously applied valid name

administrative contact is not a member or authorized agent of the entity stated as the organizational contact (not applicable to natural persons)

domain names of bad taste

misleading or deceptive domain names

domainnames with offending character

no primary and/or secondary DNS server(s) responding

>primary and/or secondary DNS server(s) not responding properly

outstanding payments.

Warnings: CH/LI DOM-REG may issue warnings in case of obvious possible name conflicts or when names are likely to conflict with another name, trade name, trade mark ™, service mark (SM) etc. CH/LI DOM-REG, however, has no obligation to issue such warnings. After a warning has been issued, the corresponding application for a second level domain name is interrupted until until confirmation by the registrant in the form of a new application is received. CH/LI DOM-REG may, however, at its own discretion interrupt the registration until the entity seeking for registration submits within reasonable time to CH/LI DOM-REG a written confirmation of the holder of the conflicting name, trade name, trade mark ™, service mark (SM) etc. that the application is valid and that holder agrees with the application. In such a case, a new application form needs to be submitted to the registry when the case is resolved for both parties.

Suspension of registration: when an entity submits grossly erroneous and/or misleading application forms repeatedly and/or in large quantities, the registry may suspend the registration process for such an entity until, in estimation of CH/LI DOM-REG, the registration process can be restored in an orderly manner.

WHOIS entry: CH/LI DOM-REG registers domain names in an own repository which answers authoritatively for second level domain names in CH and LI. This information may also be retrieved from a search engine run by SWITCH. European domain names are contained in a distributed database maintained by RIPE NCC which can be queried by means of command 'whois -h whois.ripe.net <domain name>'. This query supplies the name of the domain, its administrative and technical contacts and pointers to hosts providing name service for the domain. To use WHOIS with a local whois client type 'whois -h whois.nic.ch domainname.ch/li' for on-line queries of second level domain name information in CH and LI.

Privacy: CH/LI DOM-REG reserves the right to make entries in the WHOIS data bases publicly available in any electronic and written form.

Applicable law, jurisdiction: this domain name policy shall be governed by and construed according to Swiss law. The courts of Zürich shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes that may arise out of or in connection with this domain name policy.

Announcements of changes to this document is by notice on the mailing list <dom-reg-info@nic.ch> or <dom-reg-info@nic.li> You agree with the fees and conditions stated in documents FEE_xx and POLICY_xx, where xx denotes the versions valid at the time of application, and with subsequent modifications to these documents by CH/LI DOM-REG by using the application form for registration of second level domain names. This document (POLICY_04) is an integral part of the following associated documents: FEE_04.x (fees for domain registration/modification) and APPLICATION_04 (application form for domain registration/modification), all issued by the registry CH/LI DOM-REG. All documents are subject to modification by CH/LI DOM-REG.