termini e condizioni gr

The right to register a name under .gr domain

  • All eligible Greek adults provided that they have a Greek VAT number
  • Greeks living abroad provided that they have proof of their Greek nationality
  • Any Greek or Foreign company/agent with sufficient economic activity in Greece.
  • The following can also be registered as domain names under .gr:
    • All trade names which have been irrevocably accepted as trademarks by the Greek Ministry of Commerce, even if the owners to who the names have been registered do not possess a Greek VAT number.
    • The trade names that are characterized as internationally acclaimed. it is the responsibility of the interested owner to prove, beyond any doubt, this characterization.

In the cases described above, the owners acquire the right of registering free choice names. In case the name under discussion has already been registered by a third party, who in this acts against the company's interests, the conflict resolving procedures outlined in the Domain Name Registration Dispute Policy shall apply.The necessary legal documents for each of the above categories are :

  • For individuals living in Greece : a photocopy of their Greek i.d. and proof of their Greek VAT number.
  • For individuals living in Greece who run a business and request a domain name for their business : a photocopy of their Greek i.d. and a copy or photocopy of their business commencement form.
  • For any kind of company : the company's constitution from the Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic (issue number and date) and latest alterations.
  • For Greek citizens living abroad : a photocopy of their passport or any other relevant document which proves their Greek nationality.

Number of domain names allowed to be registered under a specific Greek VAT number :

  • Individuals may register only one (1) name. An exemption is made for individuals who run a business under the same VATnumber(freelancers). In such cases two names are allowed, one as an individual and one as a business.
  • Legal bodies of the Public and Private Sector (agencies, companies etc.) can register up to ten (10) names for every VAT number. In addition to the ten names per VAT number, the above mentioned legal bodies can also register all names related to products, services, or general activities of legal bodies as these have already been submitted to the relevant offices of the Ministry of Commerce and whose use in the market has been activated.
  • It is possible to go over the maximum limit of ten names, provided that there is sufficient proof by the interested agent and only by ruling of the EET.

Names are acceptable if :

  • they consist of at least three (3) characters up to a maximum of twenty-four (24).
  • they consist only of letter/number characters (letters of the latin alphabet, the digits [0-9]) and the special minus sign [-].
  • do not start or end with the minus sign [-]. Exceptions are only made for Trademarks.

Geographical names (provinces, prefectures, cities according to the Kapodistrias Plan) can only be registered by the relevant Local Government Organisations. Names of National importance are not accepted. Names offending the accepted morals in any way are not accepted. The names do not constitute trademarks in any sense. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that he is not violating somebody else's trademarks. In cases of dispute about names, the role of the Name Manager is set by the current policy as stated in the relevant text ("POLICY FOR HANDLING DISAGREEMENTS-DISPUTES ABOUT NAMES UNDER THE .GR DOMAIN). For a given Domain Name only the following changes are allowed :

  • Changes of names and addresses (IP) of the name servers serving it.
  • Changes in the data regarding the Administrators and Technicians of the Domain.
  • Changes of addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses of the owners. No changes are allowed of the Domain Name itself nor of the basic data of the owners (Name, Company Title, VAT number). For the above changes the domain name must be deleted and a new registration is required.

To activate a name the applicant has to state a Primary Name Server and at least one Secondary. Before names are activated there will be a check of the nameservers serving it. In case the nameservers have not been updated, the activation will be suspended. The activation of the name has to be preceded by the signing of the contract between the Name Owner and the Manager. The activation of the name can be realized by the Manager pending the signing of the final contract. The time period from the submission of the application and the activation of the name until the signing of the final contract must not exceed one (1) month. If the time limit of one (1) month goes by and the Manager has not received the signed final contract, the Manager has the authority to suspend the activation of the name. The contract will consist of two copies which will be sent to the candidate owner for signature. After they are signed they will be returned to the Manager who in turn will sign and authorize the two copies. Subsequently, one copy will be forwarded to the owner and the other one will be kept by the Manager. To avoid reserving names for a long period of time when there is no prospect of them being activated, the time period of four (4) months is set as the maximum time limit from registration to activation of a name. During this time period no claims from third parties will be accepted based on the fact of non-activation. Past the period of four months, if there is a relevant request by another interested party for the same name, the status of the registration will be reviewed and an extension of two (2) months will be given for the activation of the name starting from the day of application submitted by the new applicant. If no activation has taken place by the end of the two months, the registration wil be cancelled according to regulations. Applications will be processed on a first come- first served basis (FCFS) . After the registration of the name, the owner has to keep the Name Manager up to date about any changes in the data relevant to the Domain, and to be informed through the pages of the Name Manager on the current policy regarding Domain Names. The Name Manager bears no responsibility for the correctness or the validity of the data submitted to him via the applications for name registrations. Sole responsibility to that effect lies with the applicants.